Rock star and Texas native Meat Loaf of Bat Out of Hell fame dies

Culturemap Houston Entertainment 1/21 4:10A Teresa Gubbins
Rock star Meat Loaf, a native of Dallas known for his theatrical style and hits such as "Paradise By the Dashboard Light," died on January 20. According to a statement on his Facebook page, the singer...

Texas doctor dives into Shark Tank with device that stops hiccups

Culturemap Houston Entertainment 1/20 6:44A Chantal Rice
Humans are weird. Take, as a perfect example, the phenomenon of hiccups -- the sudden and involuntary spasm of the diaphragm muscle between regular breaths. All humans experience them, and so do other...

Here are the top 14 things to do in Houston this weekend

Culturemap Houston Entertainment 1/20 12:00A Craig D. Lindsey
This weekend brings a host of artful events for those so inclined. Look for an exhibition opening centering on an epic war movie, a showcase of young artists, and a merging of wellness and art....

Acclaimed Aspen art gallery blooms with new Upper Kirby studio

Culturemap Houston Arts 1/19 9:48A Steven Devadanam
Houstonians who frequently travel to Aspen, Colorado will no doubt be familiar with Christopher Martin. The celebrated painter and gallerist boasts a popular presence in Aspen and Dallas's Design...

Texas beekeeper generates major buzz with new PBS reality show

Culturemap Houston Entertainment 1/17 9:00A John Egan
A Texas beekeeper is about to generate some national buzz. Charlie Bee Company, a reality TV show starring New Braunfels beekeeper and bee removal specialist Charlie Agar, is set to air nationwide on...

Reboot of Scream rehashes same old story to desired effect

Culturemap Houston Entertainment 1/14 9:00A Alex Bentley
When the original Scream came out in 1996, it was a blast of fresh air in the horror genre with its self-referential style that still managed to contain some genuine thrills. Its subsequent sequels...

Buffalo Bayou's popular canoe + kayak race returns for 50th year

Culturemap Houston Entertainment 1/13 7:55A Steven Devadanam
Attention kayakers, canoers, and enthusiasts: Texas' largest canoe and kayak race is back and celebrating its 50th birthday. The Buffalo Bayou Partnership Regatta returns on Saturday, March 5 from...

Here are the top 14 things to do in Houston this weekend

Culturemap Houston Entertainment 1/13 12:00A Craig D. Lindsey
This weekend sees a diverse array of events for your pleasure. Look for some Harry Potter-themed fun, a Betty White-themed party -- and ye-yeah! -- Lil' John in town. Speaking of visiting celebs, Jake...

Social media superstars Jake Paul and Logan Paul headed to Houston

Culturemap Houston Entertainment 1/12 8:31A Steven Devadanam
Very few social media stars shine brighter -- for better or worse -- than Jake Paul and his brother Logan. Are they stars? Boxers? Are they both? Houstonians can ponder these questions, and maybe even...

Sex Appeal looks for actual chemistry in teen sex comedy genre

Culturemap Houston Entertainment 1/12 6:35A Alex Bentley
While the genre of teen sex comedies has been around since the 1980s, making the characters in those films actually respect themselves and the objects of their lust affection is a relatively new...
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