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Have you ever wondered what’s it like to live in a big city, in the metropolitan area? What are your expectations when it comes to big cities? Is the urban feel of such a place something you are looking forward to? Maybe you are seeking opportunities in terms of jobs or business? Are the costs of living the main factor that draws your attention to a certain place? Maybe it’s just comfort that stirs your attention to one city or another?


The city of San Antonio, Texas has been one of the fastest-growing cities in the USA for some time. People are drawn to this city of Texas, and you may be wondering why? Firstly, the cost of living in San Antonio is low and the housing market is cheap. Secondly, there are plenty of job opportunities and San Antonio is a business-friendly environment. Thirdly, there are plenty of things to do in the big city of Texas. From entertainment and historically significant sites all the way to amusement parks, sightseeing tours, and great food, San Antonio has it all.


Here are some insights about San Antonio and we will briefly touch on some of the aspects mentioned above. Let us help you get to know what it's like to live in San Antonio, TX.

The cost of living in San Antonio


When looking to relocate to another city the cost of living is probably amongst the most important factors that determine if it is even worth considering. What's the point of moving to a place you can't afford to live in. Costs of living are also worth considering as a tourist since they are highly impacted by expenses, such as food, transportation, and housing.


Coming back to San Antonio we have good news. The cost of living in San Antonio is below the national average and there about 14% lower. More precisely, in order to live comfortably, you would need just around $46,000 per year. With half of this amount, you are able to cover your yearly living expenses leaving you with about $23,000 that you can manage however you see fit.


When determining the cost of living in a certain city, the following expenses are taken into consideration: housing, utilities, food & grocery, transportation and healthcare. Unlike other big cities where housing is usually the biggest expense, San Antonio's costs of living is highly impacted by the low cost of their housing market.

Housing is really cheap in San Antonio


With a median house price of about $175,000, San Antonio’s housing expenses are 24% lower than the national average. The market is a competitive one with a high demand for homes which makes it a seller’s market. The growing population of San Antonio is also impacting the housing market. This could also be a great area of opportunity for real estate investors.


Here are some average numbers related to the real estate market in San Antonio, so you get an idea of what to expect. The median listing price per square foot is about $120 and the median rent price is $1,300. Also, major listing sites predict a value appreciation for properties in San Antonio over the following year.


If you want to relocate to San Antonio, as you can see, the housing market is really forgiving in terms of prices, but you do need proper advice and guidance to nail the perfect deal. That’s why we recommend you contact our top real estate agents in San Antonio TX for an easy and convenient property purchase.

The pros and cons of living in San Antonio, Texas


Do you know what’s the story behind the city of San Antonio? In 1691, a Spanish expedition for Saint Anthony of Padua arrived in the area and so came the name of the city of San Antonio.


Later, in 1718, an expedition from Mexico established a mission which was known as San Antonio de Valero, and later it became known as The Alamo. In 1793 the area became a military post and it served as a provincial capital up until 1824. Then, changes in the political landscape turned the area into the seat county for the Republic of Texas in 1837.


The history of San Antonio up until today is of major importance and this is one reason why you should come and live in San Antonio. There are also downfalls to the city so here are some pros and cons of living in San Antonio.

Pros of living in San Antonio


1.The riverwalk has so much to offer.


One of the great things about San Antonio is the riverwalk because it is a network of walkways that take you through some of the key points of the city. Along the riverwalk, you can find numerous restaurants, bars, shops, public artwork displays, and access to five historic sites. One of the missions is the Alamo which was named the World Heritage Site. Here you can find some of the best places to visit in San Antonio.


2.So many sights to see in San Antonio


Another great thing about San Antonio is that you have so many ways to see the amazing sight that this city has in store for you. With sightseeing cruise tours on San Antonio River and a beautiful view over the city at the top of the Tower of Americas. Also, go take a trip to the 33-acre botanical garden or explore the marine life at Sea World. You can always opt for Six Flags Fiesta for an adrenaline-pumping experience.


3.Great food places and restaurants


With its history and cultural heritage, the city of San Antonio offers unique culinary experiences and if you are a food lover you will fall in love with this city. If you love tacos then you are in luck, in San Antonio, you can find them everywhere. This city is well known for serving great food in almost any cuisine variation and you can satisfy your taste buds with any desired food you can possibly think of.

Cons of living in San Antonio


1.Public transportation in San Antonio


Even though it is the second-most populous city in the state of Texas it doesn't have a metro system. They have a bus system called VIA Metropolitan which has about 89 bus lines. The service provided by the bus is affordable but most times it is faster to walk to where you need to go unless you travel to a different area of the city.


2.Mild winters but brutal summers in San Antonio


Far enough from the Gulf of Mexico so you don't get the cooling breeze from the water the temperatures in San Antonio in the summer are brutal. The months of July and August come around with temperatures of more than 100-degrees. If you live in San Antonio during this season make sure you have a good air conditioner.


3.Crime rates are high in San Antonio


For the state of Texas which prides itself in terms of law and order, the city of San Antonio sits pretty high as far as the crime rates go. Crime rate reports place San Antonio, not in a very good spot. The city is safer than only 6% of other cities in the USA. Areas, where main attractions are located, are pretty safe usually aside from thieves who are obviously drawn to touristic crowds.



San Antonio has a historic heritage and it is a culturally diverse city. There are so many activities and events rolling in the city at any time that make it almost impossible to get bored. Also, the living costs of San Antonio are low and this benefits both tourists and locals. There might be some cons to living in San Antonio but they are outweighed by the pros.


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